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Terrace Hall is owned by the Cape Coral Volunteer Firemen's Association and is a non-profit organization working to help the youth of Lee County.


The Cape Coral Volunteer Firemen's Benevolent Association was started in 1962 for the purpose of manning the Volunteer Fire Department.You had to join the Association to be a Firemen. Every member was a fireman. The first members were Tim Herrick, Ed Kocik, Ray Meyers, Gib Patton and Russ Gardener. Ed Kocik was the chief of the Volunteer Department.

  Meetings were held at the Fire Hall on Chester Street. Fire meeting and drill was every Wednesday night and Bingo on Monday nights. The fire trucks and equipment were taken out of the station to make room for the Bingo tables. 

  In 1972 we moved into the Association Building on 47th Terrace where we are today and turned the the Fire Hall over to the City of Cape Coral. The Association Hall was built by the members of the Association/Volunteer Fire Department. Tim Herrick became the first permanent Fire Chief. 

The association's main function were and still are the support of the Local Youth Groups,with pancakes breakfast, spaghetti dinners and bingo.There was a Women's Auxilary of the Firemen's wives who raised money to buy equipment for the hall.They bought the dishes, silverware and other equipment to get started. There is still one active member from the 60's. Bob Philip who joined in 1968.

Due to the great responce of the general public and its participation in our many functions, and with the continued dedication of our members and support of the public we will further be able to support the local youth organizations.
                  Thank You,
                  Tom C. - President

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